Orthodontics is the branch of Science and the art of dentistry which deals with the development and positional anomalies of the teeth and the jaws as they affect oral health and the physical, esthetic and mental well being of the person. It is a special branch of dentistry which deals with the alignment of the teeth. Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain, and hence are prime sources for accumulation of harmful bacteria. This may contribute to conditions that cause not only tooth decay but eventually gum disease and tooth loss. Orthodontic problems reduce the functional efficiency while chewing and can also lead to problems with the mouth joint.

In the study of orthodontics, thus emphasis is laid on the maintenance of oral, physical and mental health of patient.


This department has all the latest technology & equipments to treat Malocclusion likewise prolinaction of teeth, crowding of teeth space problem etc. Different type of treatment option are available likewise myofunctional, removable plates, fixed bracket, hear options esthetic bracket available.