Prosthetic Dentistry is related to replacement of hard & soft tissues of mouth like teeth & oral mucosa. Replacement of teeth by dentures, crowns, bridges & implants are main treatments. However, cosmetic dentistry like preparation of veneers & smile design has become very popular.

Dental Material is taught from first year & students appear for university exam in 2nd year.

Prosthetic Dentistry is taught from 1st year BDS. In second year students appear for preclinical practical exam where they learn the laboratory aspect of making acrylic dentures.

In fifth year BDS, students appear for clinical prosthetic university examination. So this subject is taught for five years. Prosthetic & Dental Material are allied subjects.


Prosthetics is the main subject of the Dental College, we have major three departments:
  • Clinical Prosthetic department with several equipments

  • Material Lab with cabals which have gas burner facility. This Lab is also used for teaching prosthetic subject practical to dental students.

  • We have also Polymer room, Wax room, Plaster room, casting room & Ceramic furnace room with all latest Lab equipments to do prosthetic lab works.