Principal's Desk 
As principal of GRIDS I welcome you to the virtual world of GRIDS.These are exciting and challenging times for dentistry. We now know that much of dental disease can be prevented and we have at our disposal a wide array of techniques to alleviate pain and treat disease. The need for further improvements stimulates further research into better ways of preventing and treating dental disease and has also led us to develop new teaching methods for the dental student of today.

At GRIDS, we are meeting these challenges with undergraduate and postgraduate courses designed to provide both the scientific background and the practical skills needed to make the best use of new materials and put into practice the most up-to-date advances in dentistry. Our strong research program intend to contribute both to our basic understanding of oral diseases and to applied aspects of their prevention and treatment.

These web pages are intended to introduce you to our range of teaching and research activities and provide links to sources of further information. I hope you will take pleasure in seeing what we have to offer.

Dr. Shweta Kumar Swami,
Professor & HOD, Prosthetic