Oral Pathology 
The specialty of oral Pathology & Microbiology is related to the study of the cause & effects of disease of oral & maxillofacial region. The department is involved with the training of undergraduate students & teaches Dental Anatomy, Oral Physiology, Oral Embryology & Oral Histology in the 1st B.D.S. Practical training includes carving & identification of Teeth, age estimation from plaster casts & Interpretation & identification of Histological slides. This enables them to do sound clinical judgment & rational treatment procedure in clinical practice & to understand better the basis of Oral Pathology, which will be taught in IInd & IIIrd B.D.S.


  • 50 Monocular Light Microscopes for undergraduate students.

  • Binocular & Research Microscopes.

  • Study models & step by step procedure for teaching of tooth carving.

  • Museum for Specimens.

  • Dental chair with airoter & Micro motor hand pieces.

  • Departmental Library.

  • Well Equipped histopathology Laboratory.