The modern day library constructed at GRIDS is not merely a study room or a lounging room, but on the contrary, has several essentials required by students for daily learning and studying. Built on 8000 sq.ft, the library within the school is planned as carefully as any other laboratory of the school, to give returns like any other laboratory of the school. A Reception & waiting area welcomes the students into this room. With a capacity of seating 50% of total students’ strength, there is a provision for a Property counter, Photocopying area, Journal room, Audio-visual room, Stores and stocking area and a Postgraduates & staff reading room. The Chief Librarian’s room in this area, ensures standardization of library materials and functioning, assistance to students, correct maintenance of incoming and out-going books and courteous and well informed working staff within the walls of the library.

With a wide reserve of over 1600 most recent edition first year books of Indian and international authors and 15 computers at the students’ disposal, this library is the pride of the institute.