Staying at the hostel facility in GRIDS is the first time that several of our students are being exposed to living outside their own homes. It therefore becomes our primary concern to make them feel comfortable and secure in an environment that they will be spending some crucial years of their lives in.

Providing separate girls’ and boys’ hostel amenities is done in an attempt to provide these students with their own privacy and comfort zones. Each of the rooms is spacious, well ventilated and luxuriously designed to accommodate the needs of a maximum of three students. All round the clock internet connectivity in the rooms enables students to make efficient use of their time for research and knowledge updating.

The hostels also have provision for special rooms which will ensure comfortable furnishings for disabled students.

Echoing the same architectural design as followed in the main building, the hostel’s common room and play areas, are a combination of modern day aesthetics and comfort.

A unique feature of the college is the privacy it accords to each student with the idea of uninterrupted study.