Lecture Halls

6400 sq.ft. of lecture hall area adorn this institute. Each of these 4 lecture halls is spacious enough to accommodate 10% more of admission strength. Equipped with adequate seating arrangement, a huge blackboard, state of the art microphone and similar modern technologies for slide, overhead and multi-media projection.

Photography and Artist Room

With proper studio facilities for clinical photography, developing, preparation of slides, charts, models etc. this 400 sq.ft. of area provides to the students all the above mentioned facilities in house.

Amenities’ Area

This is a huge area constructed with the singular purpose of providing separate boy’s and girl’s facilities to the students. It also attempts to establish distinction between the students, teaching and the non-teaching staff. This 3200 sq.ft. are of space has a separate boys’ and girls’ locker rooms , boys’ and girls’ common rooms , a common room for non-teaching staff , a common room for teaching staff , distinctly separate change rooms for men and women. This facility offers to all the members at GRIDS ample of opportunity to seek their own privacy as well as indulge in social interaction in common spaces as and when required.


To promote several academic and non-academic programs, the auditorium has been constructed in a fashion to accommodate at least 500 people. This auditorium is a state of the art room which consists of plush and comfortable seating arrangements, a welcoming reception counter, spacious green rooms, a convenient lobby, the latest in technology sound system and the latest slide and multimedia presentation facility.

Animal House

For research work on animals, we have our own animal house on campus. Adequate care is taken to assure the nurturing of these animals in proper sanitary conditions in a humane and gentle manner.

Examination Hall

There is also a provision for a separate hall for university and other examinations. This room of 3600 sq.ft. is furnished with individual chairs and tables and can seat 250 students at one time.

Staff Quarters

All the staff members, teaching and non-teaching working in the institution shall be provided adequate accommodation in the 5 acres land earmarked for the college. The staff quarters may be built in a phased manner over a period of 4 years.

Play Ground

The college is provided with a sprawling campus and playground facilities are available for the sports like basketball, volleyball and jogging tracks.

Central Stores

Built up on an area of 800 sq.ft., the central stores is a storage house for all basic amenities. With proper storing facilities like racks, refrigerators and compact storage systems, the central stores provide logistic support to its members.

Maintenance Room

A 1000 sq.ft. maintenance room is equipped with proper facilities to maintain and render immediate repairs on dental chairs and units and various other equipments in the college and hospital.

Medical Stores

This 300 sq.ft. shop, houses all necessary stocks of medicines and supplies which are need for dental procedures in dental hospitals. This makes procurement of prescribed drugs ready and easily available.

Compressor and Room for Gas Plant

This area of 300 sq.ft is adequate to accommodate required capacity of compressors, gas cylinders etc.

Pollution Control Measures

At GRIDS we believe in a ‘Green Globe’. It would therefore be our endeavor to take adequate pollution control measures by providing incernation plant, sewage water treatment plant and landscaping of the campus which ensures ample of trees and plants on campus.