Career in Dentistry 
The avenues for employment in the field of dentistry are infinite. With increased awareness among the populace about dental care the need for experienced dental personnel is imperative. Besides bearing in need the demands of current lifestyle, dental problems are becoming increasingly noticeably in the various sections of society. In the past decade ratio of dentist to people was 1:37000. These have changed in a favorable manner to 1:25000. However as per W.H.O. report still these ratios should be reduced to less than 1:10000. Dentistry as a profession is therefore emerging as a popular and lucrative career option.

As a dental expert, one may wish to mark his forte in either of Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgery, Periodontology, Conservative & Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Pedodontics or Orthodontics.

Dental practitioners’ can find their calling in the private, cooperate or government sector.