The success of a teaching learning venture today is based largely on the infrastructure of an institute.

AT GRIDS, our endeavor is to provide state of the art infrastructure which is uncompromising in terms of quality thereby fostering a learning environment that is healthy and encouraging. The investment made by the institute in providing facilities to students in terms of laboratories, equipment, library, books, sports, transportation is a testimony to this belief.

Located at Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, this sprawling campus of 20 acres is set amidst sylvan surroundings on the highway towards Maudhi road. The campus is well connected to the airport, the stations and all major highways. The vast infrastructure encompassing 285000 sq. ft. of built up area and amenities’ is an attempt to arouse intellectual thinking and high level of academic interaction.

The campus boasts of aesthetically elegant buildings, lush greens to break the concrete, state of the art in house facilities namely labs, spacious classrooms, auditorium, audio-visual rooms, libraries, fully equipped separate girls and boys’ hostels, play centers, canteen, staff quarters and an in-house hospital at the service of all the students on campus.

All these mirror our belief of providing to our fraternity and student members the best possible environment to optimize the teaching and learning process.

Admin Building

Situated on a sprawling area of 3000 sq.ft. amidst serene surroundings and beautiful landscapes the GRIDS houses a separate administrative building to cater to efficient functioning of academic, and non-academic works. This building houses the rooms of The Dean of the School, The Administrative Officer’s room, a spacious and well developed Meeting room, The Administrative Office, The Stores for Office and a well equipped and a modern Pantry.


Excellent & fully equipped laboratories are the basic requirement for imparting good training and quality education and producing knowledgeable professionals. The laboratories in this institute house the latest & the best technology in the field of medical studies. Some of these facilities at GRIDS are as follows:

Laboratory for Dental Subjects

  • Pre-clinical Prosthodontics and dental material spread over approximately 3000 sq.ft.

  • Pre-clinical conservative lab of about 2500 sq.ft.

  • Oral biology and oral pathology lab over an area of 2500 sq.ft.

  • Laboratory for orthodontics and pedodontics – 1500 sq.ft.

Laboratory for Medical Subjects

  • Anatomy dissection hall with storage for cadavers, osteology, demonstration room etc. is constructed on an area of 2500 sq.ft.

  • One laboratory for physiology y, pathology and microbiology with stores and preparation rooms for individual subjects attached to it on an area 2500 sq.ft.

  • Laboratory for biochemistry and pharmacology with store and preparation rooms separately for both subjects has a built up area of 2500 sq.ft.

Clinical Laboratories

  • Prosthodontics
    • Plaster Room

    • Polymers Room

    • Wax Room

    • Casting Laboratory

    • Ceramic lab comprising a space of 2500 sq.ft.

  • Conservative Dentistry
    • Plaster room

    • Casting & ceramic laboratories built on 600 sq.ft.

    • Oral pathology for histopathology spread over 600 sq.ft.

    • Hematology and clinical biochemistry: a laboratory for routine blood and biochemical

    • Investigation and urine analysis lab constructed on 300 sq.ft.


Classrooms are the hub for teaching and learning activities. To promote and foster student-teacher interaction, GRIDS has envisioned the need for state of the art classrooms that can be the harbinger of teaching and learning processes. To promote interactive learning, an integrated audio visual classroom with digital library that can be accessed for classroom references has been devised. These high fashion classroom are the merging pot of theoretical knowledge, practical queries and student teacher interaction.


Staying at the hostel facility in GRIDS is the first time that several of our students are being exposed to living outside their own homes. It therefore becomes our primary concern to make them feel comfortable and secure in an environment that they will be spending some crucial years of their lives in.

Providing separate girls’ and boys’ hostel amenities is done in an attempt to provide these students with their own privacy and comfort zones. Each of the rooms is spacious, well ventilated and luxuriously designed to accommodate the needs of a maximum of three students. All round the clock internet connectivity in the rooms enables students to make efficient use of their time for research and knowledge updating.

The hostels also have provision for special rooms which will ensure comfortable furnishings for disabled students.

Echoing the same architectural design as followed in the main building, the hostel’s common room and play areas, are a combination of modern day aesthetics and comfort.

A unique feature of the college is the privacy it accords to each student with the idea of uninterrupted study.


The modern day library constructed at GRIDS is not merely a study room or a lounging room, but on the contrary, has several essentials required by students for daily learning and studying. Built on 8000 sq.ft, the library within the school is planned as carefully as any other laboratory of the school, to give returns like any other laboratory of the school. A Reception & waiting area welcomes the students into this room. With a capacity of seating 50% of total students’ strength, there is a provision for a Property counter, Photocopying area, Journal room, Audio-visual room, Stores and stocking area and a Postgraduates & staff reading room. The Chief Librarian’s room in this area, ensures standardization of library materials and functioning, assistance to students, correct maintenance of incoming and out-going books and courteous and well informed working staff within the walls of the library.

With a wide reserve of over 1600 most recent edition first year books of Indian and international authors and 15 computers at the students’ disposal, this library is the pride of the institute.


This 1500 sq.ft area which can feed 250 mouths at a time, is committed to providing to the students nutritious and wholesome meals that are cooked in its own fully equipped kitchen. A dedicated central mess has been constructed with adequate and proper dining tables & dining chairs. The menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is set by expert dieticians and cooked on campus maintaining stringent quality controls.


The Dental Out Patient Department dovetails with the teaching facilities of the College. Besides providing oral health care to the patients, this facility works in tandem with the College of Dentistry. Several patients from neighbouring villages attend the dental camps organized from time to time.

To create awareness about the increasing importance of dental health and to treat the less fortunate masses, our teams of highly qualified and learned team of doctors, surgeons and experts from various fields of dentistry visit several villages within the proximity and render dental treatments at nominal rates.

Our own buses ply from college to villages and back to transport patients who may need more extensive and extended services.
The General OPD is equipped with 25 state of the art dental chairs, OPG machine for full mouth X-ray, RVG which gives specified image of a particular tooth with measurements & three dimensional view, ultrasonic scalars for cleaning of teeth, light cure machine, and many others.

All types of dental treatments are done by MDS & BDS doctors at a reasonable cost. An average one hundred patients are treated everyday for different dental problems. This is our way of providing for the community at large.


The college has to its credit the advantage of hosting its own hospital facilities made available to all GRIDS students. This is a holistic approach towards imparting not only theoretical knowledge but also for training the Dental students with clinical facilities in all the broad specialties. This clinical training of all students is performed under the watchful supervision of trained full time staff of the college in collaboration with the expert staff employed at the hospital. The two departments that the hospitals operate are

  • General

  • Dental